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Inspirational Poems

by Craig Nicholson

Vancouver Above Fog photo by Craig Nicholson. (Click on Inspiring Photos link for more.)

List of Contents

       The following is a full List of Contents of "Helping Perspectives", a collection of 76 inspirational poems by Craig Nicholson. The order of this contents list is in the sequence in which the poems where written. An alphabetical Index is also included in the downloaded document. Full access to all of these poems is not available at this time.

1. Birthday Poem
2. Counting (A birthday poem)
3. Comparing (A birthday poem)
4. Numbers (A birthday poem)
5. Climbing
6. Blessings
7. On The Death Of A Friend
8. Fun In Serving
9. Love Returns
10. Gratitude
11. To Ourselves Be True
12. Let Your Mind Flee
13. On Meditation
14. The Death Of Young Thought
15. Seeds
16. Listen, If You Care
17. Do And Listen
18. I Am Poem
19. Remember
20. Father's Day
21. A Terse Verse
22. Above All, Sincerity
23. If I Could Be Constructive
24. The Precious Now
25. Above The Earth
26. To God Be The Glory
27. The Harder The Testing
28. Our Choice
29. Wings
30. Life Is Opportunity
31. The Ways I Like You
32. Thoughts On High
33. A Special Role
34. Does It Matter?
35. A Doctor In The House
36. Friends Who Pass
37. The Worth In Trying
38. Joy In Overcoming
39. With The Fullness Of My Heart
40. Is It Worth It?
41. Just For Fun
42. The Boys In The S.A.A.F.
43. Highlands Farm
44. To Your Next Year
45. A Mother Is The Keeper
46. A Helping Perspective
47. Momentum
48. Enthusiasm
49. Safety
50. Cupid's Flight
51. As Wed-Bells Ring
52. Give Me The Wind
53. My Way, Unique
54. This Instrument Profound
55. Thee
56. (Excluded)
57. You Matter
58. A Unique Country
59. Smile
60. (Excluded)
61. (Excluded)
62. Loving Clouds
63. Easter Passion
64. Forgiveness
65. To Love But Not Posses
66. Timing for Pro-Choice
67. Women
68. One Again
69. Withdrawal Symptoms
70. Beyond The Pain
71. Having Met You
72. And We Will Laugh
73. (Excluded)
74. Embracing Omega
75. Because, Dear One, I Love You
76. Angels Are Springing Up All Over
77. Give Life A Chance
78. Feeling Guilty
79. Joyful Change
80. Teen Suicide


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